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The thermoplastic toecap produced by our company has the following merits when compared to traditional steel/aluminum alloy/thermosetting toecaps:

Superior strength-to-weight ratio. Thermoplastic toecaps can reach the same level of strength while the weights are 50% and 20% lighter than steel toecap and thermosetting toecap respectively.
Product design is more flexible. We can provide toecap with uneven thickness to fit with the design of the shoe, various color selection and smoother surface.
The raw material has a higher density structure. The final product has a better pressure proof capability (shrinkage after pressure is within 0.5mm).
Thermoplastic toecap has the property of anti-rusting, anti-corrosion and excellent resistance to acids and chemicals.
The raw material is environmental friendly and can be recycled.
The thermoplastic toecap is nonmental and non-conductive. It can pass the airport safety check.
Compared to the traditional steel toecap, thermoplastic toecap could resume to the original shape to 90% after compression while the other will show obvious concavity; and there is no burr left harming the toes.

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